Owned with Kustom Fitted Cattle ~ Hirchell LeClair and Mitch & Susan LeClair


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Owned with Greg Kroupa

 Wyoming Cowboy 0752 

  LT Wyoming Wind 4020 PLD
Three Trees Wind 0383  
  Three Trees Nancy 8121ET  
  Madrid 7M
KKWB Miss Daisy R1  
  KKWB Wind Chime 3001

Semen : $25/unit Certificates: $35/unit
 Owned with Bauman Cattle Company
 & Jimmy Dismukes


 Sparrows Madrid 7M
Purebred Charolais

  ABC Edmund Latin  
ABC Latoro 263G    
  ABC Char Chispa  
  LT Unlimited Chaps 0109
Sparrows Bambi 607D  
  Sparrows Bambi 607B

Calf Champion at 2002 at Agribition
2004 National Champion Bull
Triple Crown
2003 American Royal
2004 National Western Stock Show
2004 Houston Livestock Show


Sires Donors Sale Cattle Club Lambs Sale Lambs Art
Bruce & Debbie Bauman
Bruce Cell - (307) 631-1103
Debbie Cell 307-256-2695
Kendal & Scott Sedman
Scott Cell 307-760-9587
Kendal Cell - (307) 631-1385

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