Western Elite Female Sale
Saturday, January 18th, 2014
During the National Western - In the Yards
Denver, Colorado 5:30 p.m. Mountain Time
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Lot 36- B3 Miss Kersey 46Z
B3 • 46Z • PB Charolais • 3/24/2012 • Reg# EF1174450
SIRE: Kojack (PB Charolias REG# M727101) DAM: Madrid (PB Charolias REG #M661388)
A.I. 5/23 Big Time (PB Charolais) • Safe AI

This heifer is a Registered purebred Charolais. Charolais put the Bauman Family in the registered cattle business for the last seven decades and five generations of Bauman’s. We have seen about all that has been good and bad in that period. This heifer is moderate in size, complete in body and the kind we think needs to be owned. Her sire Kojack was Reserve National Champion and granddam, Daisy, was Reserve National Champion. If you recognize it we like to breed Charolais that work not the ones to fit a fad. Breed her clubby or Charolais either way her calves are registerable. Her service sire, NWMSU Big Time, is a calving ease Charolais bull that was Grand and Reserve at Kansas City in back to back years.

Lot 38- B3 Amen 43Z
B3 • 43Z • Char Cross • Spring 2012
SIRE: Amen (Friction) DAM: Northern Improvement
A.I. 5/18 I-80 • Safe A.I.

We talk to people all summer and fall long and they keep saying, “Hey, those Amen cattle are pretty good.” This Amen daughter is the example why this is true. She is big, stout and broody and hard to pick apart. Her phenotype and genetics make her a special lot in this Western Elite. Take note of her Northern Improvement dam, these cows are making their imprint on raising great ones, and a shot of Alias as her grandsire brings POWER to this heifer. This girl has been one of the favorite ones since she was born. Even though she is hard to part with we are equally proud to give you the chance to own her. I-80 is a bonus for this lot.

Lot 39- B3 Felony GWF
B3 • GWF • Char Cross • Spring 2012
SIRE: Felony (Kojack x Lifeline - Phylli)
DAM: Meyer 734 Son
A.I. 10/29 I-80 • Safe AI

UNIQUE, UNIQUE, UNIQUE. Start with this girls disposition, then go to her power, depth and volume and realize when you put it all together you have a DONOR. An opportunity to purchase a Felony, the herd sire for Bauman Cattle Company and DeRouchey who is making his mark as an outcross to clubby and maternal genetics in the colored world. She was shown by the Hill Family from Colorado. When she matured into this outstanding individual, we bred her for a fall baby by I-80. Our way of thinking, she will throw those highly sought after colored steer calves. Unlimited potential here.

Lot 50- B3 Foundation 32Z
B3 • 32Z • Black Baldy • Spring 2012
SIRE: JF Foundation 8010U (1/2 Simmental by Encore)
DAM: Meyer 734
A.I. 6/3 Recall Whiskey (Total Recall x Irish Whiskey) • Safe

This is a natural calf out of Foundation and BAZI a top donor cow at B3, making her a double-half blood Simmental female. The Bazi Cow family is a long line of old time maternal genetics that traces back three generations in Deb’s family. Foundation on the top of this pedigree and Meyer 734, Heart Beat, Stout and Ohlde Amerifax on the bottom you can get the idea why we have featured this cow family over the years. We have two maternal sisters as donors in our herd, another, IZZY, was a high seller in a past Western Elite that is a top donor for Idland in Montana, and steer calves that have sold from Wisconsin to California. When you see this one she will impress you with the sharpness of her lines, femininity, and yet she has plenty of shape and body. She is carrying a B3 Recall Whiskey calf, he is a Total Recall son out of a clean Irish Whiskey daughter Either a heifer or bull calf should be exciting then prepare for a front pasture donor.

Lot 51- B3 Foundation 29Z
B3 • 29Z • Black • Spring 2012
SIRE: JF Foundation 8010U (1/2 Simmental by Encore)
DAM: Maine Break
A.I. 5/12 I-80 • Safe AI

29’Zs dam, a Maine Break daughter, was one of the high selling Maine heifers in the first Maine Anjou heifer sale in the yards. She has since become one of the top producing cows at B3. A maternal sister by Chopper was a past high seller in The Western Elite and this years maternal sister by Monopoly is the one that everyone picks out when they go through our replacements. We regard this cow family as one of our most consistent producers year after year, this is what we are excited to share with you. She will have an exciting I-80 calf this spring, her future is yours.

Lot 52- B3 Foundation 44Z
B3 • 44Z • Black • Spring 2012
SIRE: JF Foundation 8010U (1/2 Simmental by Encore)
DAM: Meyer 734 Son
A.I. 6/15 Recall Whiskey (Total Recall x Irish Whiskey) • Safe AI

We are fans of these Foundation females, and proud of the quality they offer across the board. Her dam is a Meyer 734 granddaughter, we have had great success with these cows. Foundation is truly the kind of herd bull that will leave his mark in the Bauman and Duello herds. This one has money making momma written all over her. Soft and moderate framed, 44Z, has the ability in her genetics to consistently produce profitable progeny. She is carrying a calf out of our black baldy bull, B3 Recall Whiskey, who is a Total Recall son out of our clean Irish Whiskey donor.

Lot 53- B3 Foundation 150Y
B3 • 150Y • Black • Fall 2011
SIRE: JF Foundation 8010U (1/2 Simmental by Encore)
DAM: Immortal
A.I. 5/23 I-80 • Safe AI

This Foundation heifer is easy fleshing, broody and high performing. She is the granddaughter of donor Miss 516, dam of A.I. sire , B3 Apocalypse. This cow family raises them stout and attractive with a showring presence. Her dam by Immortal is a maternal sister to showring champions in Kansas City, Missouri, and Colorado. Its fun to be around these kind of cattle that get it done. Her I-80 offspring will be exciting.

Lot 55- B3 Foundation 37Z
SIRE: JF Foundation 8010U (1/2 Simmental by Encore)
DAM: Meyer 734 Son
A.I. 5/19 I-80 • Safe AI

When you get to see the shape, power and volume of this oundation
daughter it seems to make you daydream of the possibilities of matings that one could breed this one to and make awesome steers. 37’Zs dam is working in Iowa for Chidester Cattle and she raised one of his top steers this year. Those good ones that can raise sound stout calves are getting hard to find then when you do it is hard to get them bought. Take a chance here I think the upside
is worth it. Heifer or bull out of I-80 here would work .
Lot 67- B3 Irish Whiskey 42Z
B3 • 42Z • Black • Spring 2012
SIRE: Irish Whiskey
DAM: Meyer 734
A.I. 5/18 JF Foundation 8010U (1/2 Simmental by Encore) • Safe AI

This is one of three transplant heifer calves born by Irish Whiskey and our Christensen Meyer734 donor. The first one is now a PHA clean donor for us and the dam of our black baldy cleanup bull B3 Recall Whiskey. The second is 42Z and the third is in our keeper heifer calf pen with great expectations from us. This is the reason we will part with a great maternal piece like this. The versatility and proven genetics in her pedigree make her one to own. She is carrying a calf out of Bauman-Duello half blood Simmental herd sire JF Foundation 801U.



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